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The present have legal information (in adelante, "Términos y Condiciones") regulate the use and access to the web sitio Ohbarri.com and the correspondiente application móvil (in adelante, called indistinctly or jointly as the "Platform" or the "Application"), owner of BARRIOH SERVICIOS DIGITALES SL, (in adelante, indistinctly, "Oh Barrio" or the "Responsible"). Oh Barrio informs the Users that it is in force with the current data protection regulations, and with a special character, with Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 relate to the protection of natural persons in respect of the tratamiento of personal data 2016 and for which Directive 95/46/EC (General Data Protection Regulation) and the Law of the Information Services society and Electronic Commerce are repealed, 34/2002, of 11 July.

CIF: B42949693
Postal address: AV BELLISSENS 42, 430204 - REUS
I run electronic: contacto@ohbarri.com

The registration, access and navigation on the Platform implies full acceptance and without reservations of the present Términos y Condiciones por parte de los navegantes y Usuarios de la Plataforma.


Oh Barri is a platform mediante la cual los users registered (in adelante, the "Users") through the scane of the purchase ticket obtain a reward in the form of a token, almacenado in a virtual wallet no custodio, that can be used to purchase products of the merchants that are adhered to the Platform (in adelante, los "Comercios"). The obtaining of dichos tokens is carried out by meditating the commercialization of consumer data. Dichos datos, debidamente anonnimizados, are ceded to third parties with the cuales the Platform has suscribed an acuerdo para su exploitationn.

The present Términos y Condiciones have as a regular object the términos y conditions applicable to the puesta at the disposal and management of the information supplied through the Platform and of the services ofrecidos by Oh Barrio through the misma. These conditions incorporate our Privacidad Policy, accessible from the Platform.


To be a User of the Platform it is essential that you cumplan them are requirements:

  • Fill in the mandatory fields of the registration form in a veraz way.
  • Accept the present Términos y Condiciones (including Privacidad Policy and Cookies Policy) and proceder in the Registry.

The User guarantees that all the data on their identity and legitimacy provided to Oh Barri in their registration forms of the Platform are true, accurate and complete. Asimismo is committed to keep updated its datos. In the supuesto that the User facilitates cualquier dato falso, inaccurate or incomplete or if Oh Barri considers that there are motivos fundados para dudar on the veracidad, accuracy and integration of the mismos, Oh Barri will be able to deny the access and use present or future of the Platform or of cualquiera of sus contenidos y/o servicios; as well as baja el Usuario and cancel the queue.

If the user registers by means of a network/portal or internet service, the mismo accepts the validity and effectiveness of all the communications sent by Oh Barri a dicha cuenta. At the time of registration, the User will select a user number and a counterseña. Both the number of users and the contraseña, as well as the data of the network/portal or internet service that I use to access the Platform, are strictly confidential, personal and non-transferable (jointly the "Contraseña").

The User undertakes not to disclose dicha Contraseña or hacerla accessible to third parties. I can not guarantee the identity of the registered Users, the User will be solely responsible in the case of use of the Contraseña by third parties, including the demonstrations invested in the Platform or through the Platform, or cualquier otra act that launches to cabo mediante the use of the Contraseña.

The Users are obliged to poner immediately in conocimiento of Oh Barri the sustraction, disclosure or pérdida of the Contraseña, communicate to Oh Barrio through the electronic corridor privacidad@ohbarri.com

One time I complete the registration, the User will have to verify his cuenta of correo electrónico and follow the instructions of the electronic correo of verification to terminate the creation of his cuenta in Oh Barrio. One year I complete the registration, todo User will be able to access to his profile según deem convenient, if cumpla con los presentes Términos y Condiciones.


For baja darse, the User puede directse en cualquier momento to Ohbarri to request the elimination of his profile from the platform. In todo caso puede revoke su consentimiento en cualquier momento remitiendo un correo desde su correo registrdo con el asunto "Baja de Usuario" to privacidad@obharri.com included in the cuerpo del correo electrónico the number of user, the electronic correo, su teléfono móvil, NIF utilizado to register in the Platform.

In the supuesto of the Trade that is subscribed to the Platform, debe to follow specifically the proceeding indicated in article 4 "Adherence of Trades to the Platform".

Oh Barri puede suspender or dar de baja to a User or Comercio (and for so much choose to suspend or terminate the contractual relationship) immediately in case it is incumbent cualquier obligation of the Términos y Conditiones. In dicho caso Oh Barrio dejará to provide the services that offend through the Platform sin need to delegate no cause. The hecho de que dé de baja a Comercio or that the Comercio se dé de baja , implies the contractual resolution of the Términos y Condiciones, if they bien determinate clauses puedan continue deploying effects to raíz de su naturaleza.


This section only applies respect to the Comercio that is subscribed to some of the plains of Oh Barrio. By paying for the subscription, the Comercio accesses Oh Barrio during the time that the subscription sea válida, suggests to the términos that appear in the present clause. Oh Barrio ofrece in the Platform different precious and periods of susscription, for which the Comercio puede choose what mejor adapts to his necessary.

Todas las suscripciones are paid for by adelantado mediante suscripción con cardjeta, según proceda, or bien through our website.

The duration of the subscription begins at the time of the realization of the pago, and will maintain its vigil for the período elected by the User. The renewal of the subscription is automatic at the end of the periodo of subscription correspondiente y por el mismo período that the ya contratado. Sin embargo, Comercio puede cancelled the subscription in cualquier momento. To cancel the subscription, the Comercio debe tomit a correo con el asunto "Baja de Usuario" to suscripciones@ohbarri.com included in the cuerpo del correo electrónico the number of user and the electronic correo used when registering on the Platform.


Los Usuarios are solely responsible for the access and correct use of their profile and the platform's contents, as a suggestion to current legality, national or international, as well as to the principles of good faith, morality, buenas customs and public order. Specifically, but without limitation, they undertake to diligently observe the Términos y Condiciones.

Users will refrain from using their profile for thin or different effects from (a) squaanling purchase tickets; (b) obtain and canjear rewards; or (c) iliacios or that sean lesivos de los derechos e interests of third parties, or that of cualquier forms puedan dañar, inutilizar, affect or deteriorate the Platform, sus contenidos y sus servicios. Asimismo, it is forbidden to use the platform of cualquier form that impidaes or hinders the propo funcionamiento of the Platform or the normal utilización or enjoy to otros Usuarios.

In particular and to título enunciativo y no limitativo, the Users undertake to:

  • Provide information veraz and updated in cualquier comunicación con Oh Barri.
  • Do not employ personal data - both of the User and of third parties - that contain sensitive information regarding identifiable or identified persons, such as fear ejemplo: racial origin; to a syndicate; religion, ideología u orientation sexual; datos on health; or data relating to criminal proceedings, proceedings and sanctions or fines arising from mismos or incumplimiento de obligaciones dinerarias.
  • Do not use false identity, nor impersonate the identity of otros in the use of the Platform or in the use of cualquiera of the services of misma.
  • Do not use the Platform for fine ilegales or non-authorised.
  • Do not alojar, almacenar, disseminate, publish, distribute or share cualquier contenido that can suponer an intromisión ilegítima or vulneración in cualquier form of the fundamental derechos to the honour, imagen and intimidate personal and familiar of third and, muy especially, of the minors of edad.
  • Do not alter or modify, in whole or in part, the Platform, eludiendo, deactivate or manipulate cualquier or other the functions or services of misma.
  • Comply with the Privacidad Policy and not violate the regulations governing the protection of personal data.
  • Do not introduce, almacenar or diffus mediante the Platform cualquier contenido that infrinja derechos de propiedad industrial y/o intelectual or confidential information of third parties, nor in general nobody contained in the custody did not hold, of conformity with the law, the derecho a ponerlo available to third parties.
  • Do not use the Platform to injure, defame, intimidate, violate one's own image or approach otros Users.
  • Do not access the user's accounts.
  • Do not introduce, almacenar or diffus mediante the Platform nobody program, data, code, computer virus, defective archivos, or cualquier otro dispositivo electrónico or fijo that can cause daños or alteraciones in cualquiera of the equipos, redes, the systems of Oh Barri, of cualquier otro Usero or of third persons.
  • Do not introduce in the purse puesto available by Oh Barrio to manage the rewards obtained in the Platform tokens different from those obtained by mediante the scaneo of the tickets by parte of the Users.
  • Do not destroy, alter, use for your use, inutilizar or dañar los datos, informaciones, programs or electronic documents of Oh Barrio, his Users or third parties.

Quienes incumplan tales such obligations responderán of cualquier perjuicio or daño that cause. In the maximum medida permitted by the applicable law, Oh Barri will not respond to any achievement, daño or perjury that pudiera derive from dicho acceso or uso ilícito por parte de terceros. Access to the Platform may be denied by Oh Barrio to those Users who, in cualquier form, incumplan las obligaciones or contravengan present Términos y Condiciones or cualquier otro texto legal included in the Platform.

Así mismo, cualquier User deberá comply with the respective tax and tax requirements derived from the stock of cryptocurrencies. With such a finality, the Platform will inform periódically of those data or relevant information for the User to fill in with dichas obligaciones.


The User, when squaaning purchase tickets, under the Policy of Deprivation and these Términos y Condiciones, will obtain a reward in the form of tokens. These tokens are a unit of value emitidos by a cryptográfico software of código abierto ajeno in the Platform and based on blockchain technology.

For the obtaining of tokens, the User will scan the purchase tickets in the bucket are visualized the data: fecha of purchase, localidad, trade in the cual has realized the purchase, fecha and time of the purchase and articles purchased. These data, together with the personal data of the User, are transferred to the Platform with the finality of his exploitation, debidamente anonnimizados, by part of third parties.

A vez se haya realized the process of scaneo, the User will obtain tokens that will be almacenados in a virtual wallet no custodio and will be able to visualize the approximate equivalence of the tokens obtained in euros (€). Dicha valoración es a título merely informativo y no binding y está sujeta en todo momento a la liquidez del mercado y/o utiliza aggregators of precious. In this way, the precious thing that the User visualizes in the Platform is not guaranteed.

The tokens obtained can be canjeados to realise purchases in trades adhered to the Platform mediante su conversion in euros, in attention to the circunstancias mentioned in the previous párrafo.


7.1. Generalidades

The User is responsible for counting on the services and equipment necessary for internet connection and for access to the Platform. In case of cualquier impact or difficulty to access the Platform, the User can inform Oh Barri through the electronic corridor soporte@ohbarri.com , which will lead to analyzing the incident and will give indications to the Acerca User of how to resolverla in the plazo más breve posible.

Oh Barri will not be liable in case of service disruptions, connection errors, lack of availability or deficiencies in the Internet access service, nor for disruptions of the Internet network or by cualquier otra razón ajena a su control. Oh Barri reserves the derecho to interrumpire the access to the Platform in cualquier momento y sin previo aviso, ya sea por motivos técnicos, de seguridad, control, maintainmiento, por failures of electrical supply or fear cualquier otra causes that pudiera affect in the normal uso of the Platform.

7.2. Blockchain technology

Oh Barri informs users of the existence of certain transactions through blockchain and in cryptocurrencies similar to "bitcoin" present several riesgos:

  1. Double-spending transactions.
  2. Not acceptance or return of a transaction by those responsible for validating the transactions in the red P2P (mineros in "bitcoin").
  3. Forks (forks) utro type of change of code in the software, systems and/or protocols that can affect, deshacer, invalidate, retrasar the transacciones, what can cause economic pérdidas to the user.

In dichos supuestos, the Platform will not be responsible for the eventual robo y/or pérdida that may arise from the cryptocurrencies of the Users as detailed in the separated serente.

7.3. Obtaining and using tokens

The User declares haber leído and be informed about the limits of responsibility of the Platform in reference to the possible pérdidas of the rewards / tokens and/or pérdidas derechos y pérdidas económicas that will float during the acquisition, trade, delivery, reception and / or token tránsito involving 2 counterparties. Specifically, in such a supuesto, the User acknowledges and declares acceptance that the responsibility of the Platform is limited to the value of the transaction, expressly waiving cualquier claim by cualquier otro concepto.

The User expressly renounces to claim to the Platform in the supposed that the fondos of the User fueran retained by third parties during the use of the Platform for causes not attributable to esta. The Platform will provide the User with the information available about the transaction, if it is responsible for the user cualquier trámite adicional hacia la contraparte.

The Platform tiene derecho to cancel cualquier operation in case of considering insufficient and/or incongruous data facilitated by the User, communicate su razonamiento y decisión a este. Consequently, the Platform is not responsible for the economic pérdidas that will arise from the lack of veracity of the data provided by the User.

7.4 Custodian coin

The correct use of the wallet(wallet)without custody by the Users is exclusively responsible for the mismos. The Platform, at the time of registration of the Users, provides information and recommendations in relation to the use of the mobile application and, specifically, acerca de las medidas to adopt by the Users to safeguard the use of wallet and recovery in the event that the access by cualquier causa is pierced. Specifically, the Platform ofrece the option to recover the access mediante a system of backup or copy of security through the cual generates a code QR formed by 24 palabras unique and a pin. Dicho código QR can be dismissed by the Users in the gallery of imágenes de su dispositivo móvil or sent by correo electrónico that must be guarded exclusively by the User in cuestión.

From this modo, it is excluded to the Platform of cualquier responsible for the pérdida of the access to the wallet and consecuentemente to the tokens depositados in the mismo.


For access to information on the protection of personal data, vea nuestra Privacidad Policy.


Oh Barri is the holder or licensee of all the derechos of intellectual and industrial property included in the Asian Platform as well as on the contents accessible through misma, especially but not only, the texts, imágenes, fotografías, diseño gráfico, structure of navigation, información, código fuente, bases of data and cualesquiera otros contenidos that are recommended in the Platform.

The authorization to the User for the access and use of the Platform and the services ofrecidos in the misma does not suppose any cesión of derechos of intellectual or industrial property on the misma nor dichos contenidos except what will be said below.

Oh Barrio grants the User a limited license for access and hacer personal of the Platform and the services ofrecidos in the misma and to download the mobile application. Dicha licencia onlye concede the essential intellectual property derechos for the finality of cumplimiento of these Términos y Condiciones (derecho de uso y de reproducción unique de la application móvil in a dispositivo más a single copy of security), is not exclusive, for all the world and its duration is limited only to the eve of the contractual relationship of the User with Oh Barrio in accordance with these Términos y Condiciones.


In the Platform the User could find entroces to otros sitios web managed by third parties. The stable of cualesquiera enlaces, reenvios or asociaciones ("links") with otras páginas web (www), posibilitadas from the Platform, does not imply that there is some type of relationship, collaboration or dependency between Oh Barrio and the person responsible for the web sitio ajeno, and does not entail a guarantee of Oh Barrio al Usuario nada de dicho sitio web ajeno.


If the cualquiera of the clauses of the present Términos y Condiciones fuera nula de pleno derecho or cancellable, will tender fear no puesta. Dicha declaration of nullity will not invalidate the rest of the Términos y Condiciones, which will maintain their vigilness and effectiveness.


Oh Barri reserves the right to modify, in cualquier momento y sin previo aviso, the structure, configuration and design of the Platform as well as those presented Términos y Condiciones y la Política de Privacidad. Los Usuarios deberán leer attentively these Términos y Condiciones to the access to the Platform.

In cualquier caso, the navigation, as well as the simple access to the Platform, summons the acceptance of cualquier modification introduced. An updated version of the present Términos y Condiciones will be available permanently on the Platform. Asimismo, OhBarri reserves the right to carry out, in cualquier momento y sin necesidad de previo aviso, actualizaciones, modificaciones o elimination of information contained in su Plataforma in the configuration and presentation of ista and of the conditions of access, without assuming responsibility some fear ello.

Oh Barrio does not guarantee the existence of interrupts or errors in the access of the Platform or to su contenido, nor that it is an updated siempre, however, Oh Barri will remove cabo, although there will be no cause that has imposed it or difficult to ejecución, and so pronto has news of the mistakes, discontents or lack of updating in the contenidos , all those tasks tending to subsanate the mistakes, restore communication and update the contents.


The validatez, ejecución e interpretación de los presentes Términos y Condiciones will be regulated in all its aspectos by the Spanish law. In the supuesto que surja cualquier conflicto or discrepancy in the interpretation or application of the present Términos y Condiciones de utilización de la Plataforma, it is given to the Juzgados y Tribunales de TARRAGONA.


Oh Barri reserves the right to modify the present Términos y Condiciones to adapt to new legislation or jurisprudence. In cualquier caso, the modification of these Términos y Condiciones will be notified to the Users and Merchants.

Updated on 27/03/2021