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The perfect complement for your marketing team! Reach new customers and gain followers on social networks, on autopilot, for - 10 EUR/month

Our eins

During 2022 we will offer a subscription for - 10 EUR/month that allow you and your marketing team to position and improve sales in the territory. We value the #comerçosautèntics and generate a program to attract customers and sales with minimum costs.

Modules for businesses

We have developed several exclusive eins that allow shops to make new face-to-face customers reach the store and grow on social networks

Module new customers

Small details and discounts on our app allow you to capture face-to-face visits to the store at a very low cost.

Network module

Grow your networks in autopilot. We promote the draws and send you a summary of followers obtained at the end.

We adapt

No software to install in the trade. We have simplified the digital experience for businesses as much as possible.

Are we telling you?

You have until March 2022 at no cost to see how it works for you